You can, once you learn what only a small group of women professionals and entrepreneurs have discovered today…

During a career transformation workshop I was delivering to mid- to high-level professional women recently, an attendee, Beth, raised her hand to ask a question.

She said, “I’m so inspired by what you’ve shared, Kathy! I desperately want to have more reward and success in my career, but the financial and other pressures I’m facing right now just make it feel impossible.  Honestly, I know I’m meant for something else — something more — in my career but I just don’t see how to make it happen.”

I had certainly heard this before – 1,000 times before.  “Thanks, Beth.  So what’s the question you have?” I asked.

Beth asked, “Can I really do what you’re talking about – do you think I have what it takes to go from where I am now to “amazing”? Can I make real change in my career – and make a great living and a difference, doing what I love to do, at this stage of the game? I’m not sure.”

“Well Beth,” I shared, “My answer is a resounding YES! You can. But the real question isn’t can you – it’s will you?”

The Time for Career Breakthrough is now…


This is the most incredible time in history to be a professional woman in business.  Leadership, power, command, authority, freedom, education, and, yes, money, are there for you to embrace … but only if you get to the heart of what’s really happening and are willing to take the right kind of action.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the credentials you think you need.  Nor does it matter if you haven’t had great experience at your jobs in the past.  You don’t need to sell out or “prostitute” yourself doing work you dislike with people you don’t respect, just to stay employed.  In fact, today, it’s more important than ever to claim and create a fantastic career.

But if you want to benefit from the extraordinary opportunities for women in business rather than be crushed by the demands or the financial pressures (which many women are), you must do two things…

  • Understand who you really are deep down – intimately and authentically – and honor that, in order to create a career that brings great success and fulfillment for you 
  • Learn how to tap your deepest talents, skills, and passions to launch and build your career in a way that professional women only dreamed about being able to do just a few short years ago.


When you build an empowered and confident relationship with yourself, and launch an aligned, strategic career growth campaign in the right way, amazing things start to happen. 

Doors will open to fantastic jobs and opportunities, you’ll attract exciting new business and wonderful new clients and colleagues, and much more money will be in your reach.  Many of the professional women I know who’ve done this (including me!) have achieved six-figure and much higher compensation and learned that deep professional fulfillment is NOT mutually exclusive with great financial reward.

And those of us doing this are not celebrities or TV personalities, or especially gifted or renowned. We’re just regular women who are passionate and deeply committed to career fulfillment and success and have figured out how to leverage our skills and talents to be of tremendous service where and how we are needed the most.

If you’re looking to build a deeply satisfying career while also balancing a fulfilling outside life (caring for family, or pursuing other passions and interests), then learning how to plan and manage your growth over the long arc of your career is even more important. Because, no matter what you’ve been told, or how easy it’s supposed to be to “have it all,” it isn’t. It requires five core ingredients that most people don’t have: 

  • clarity
  • courage
  • confidence
  • vision 
  • focused commitment

…and most importantly, understanding what you really want and how you want it.

What is an Amazing Career, anyway? 

Well, let’s start with what it’s not…

It’s not a job that sucks the life out of you, and leaves you no time, energy, or enthusiasm to enjoy your life and your family, and your outside interests.

And it’s not a struggle each and every day that makes you regret the steps you’ve already taken.

It’s not just making money so you can pay your bills, or doing work you hate (that makes you want poke your eye out with a stick) because you think you have to.

It’s not about dealing with crushing competition that makes you feel like you’re scrapping and fighting every day to survive.

And, it’s not about comparing yourself with others and striving day after day to keep up with Ms. Jones.


What is it, then?  It’s about how you will:

Create a career and personal brand that honors who you are authentically, and allows you to use your natural talents so that it feels more like play than work.
Earn great money doing work that is meaningful and highly contributive in your estimation.
Design, launch and build your career growth campaign so that your career will be closely aligned with your unique values, talents, skills, Life Intentions and interests, even as you change and grow over the years.
Cultivate strong, heartfelt, integrity-based relationships with key movers and shakers in the work arena, and draw on these relationships, without feeling like a “used car salesman” hawking your wares.
Ethically build your career so that you achieve “rock star” status in your field and serve as a powerful role model for other women who long to live and work with passion, power, and purpose.
Tap these strategies throughout your life to create more freedom, joy, and peace of mind – and more control — over your ability to create life and work as you truly want it, and generate great money for as long as you like.


Your career transformation journey, if planned correctly, will keep you enjoying your work and feeling you are on top of your game, serving the world in the special way that only you can (live your mission), for as long as you like.

If the phrase “internal work” makes you roll your eyes …stop reading now.


Many professionals – and career coaches who guide them – want to focus only on outer tactics to building a great career, and they want nothing to do with concepts like “inner work,” “core beliefs,” or anything having to do with internal processes of creating a great life and career.  For them, it’s all about outward steps and actions – interviewing skills, resume writing, social networking, earning the right credentials.  I understand that mentality.

If that’s your mindset, and you’ve had success following that approach, then I wish you the best.

For me, however, I lived that approach for 18 years in my corporate life, and it didn’t work at all.  Only after I disengaged totally (or more accurately, was pushed out) from an unfulfilling work-life and crushing challenges did I learn another way – I discovered that the external changes we long for most in our lives and careers are initiated and sustained only through the inner work we do to: 

  1. understand who we really are, uniquely, 
  2. close our unique “power gaps” to overcome the obstacles in the way of our success (and each of us has some), 
  3. create a holistic action plan that ties it all together, connects the dots, and honors our true purpose, mission and values, 
  4. delivers the “essence” of what you want in the “form” that perfectly matches your needs, values, and goals.  

Cracking the Career Breakthrough Code

In the eight years that I’ve served as a career and executive coach and marketing consultant to entrepreneurial women, I’ve been totally shocked to see all the “make a million fast” or “follow your bliss and get rich” promises that are made out there.  I’ve also seen so many career growth programs that talk nothing about how to figure yourself out, or gain clarity about the inner obstacles that keep you from what you want.  It’s astounding to me how much we all want to believe that amazing success is instant and easy, and how many people have invested so much of their hard-earned money in pursuit of these empty promises.

What I have discovered, though, is that it is truly possible to dramatically increase the control you have over your career, your work-life balance, your earning potential, the people you work with, and the contribution you can make, if you’re willing to learn how to do it the most effective and efficient way.

Just because it takes work, commitment, and energy, doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

The problem is, very few people are sharing the truth about how to do it.



Why I feel called to help other women create amazing success

I was a corporate marketing executive and spent 18 years in corporate life, first in publishing, then in book clubs and finally, in the membership services industry.  In the beginning, it had moments (months and years) of some excitement and reward, and I enjoyed some of it. But much of the time I felt disconnected and dissatisfied with it, and didn’t know what to do about that.  I kept growing in my career, and was promoted from manager, to director, to executive director to Vice President, and I made a lot of money.  But I experienced some rather rough bumps along the way.  

As I approached 40, things began to worsen.  I was outwardly very “successful,” but inwardly I struggled.  My work began to feel false and inauthentic to me much of the time, and a work-life balance was unattainable. I couldn’t speak up truthfully or be my true self. I found myself in an incredibly toxic environment, I got ill frequently and was exhausted and drained much of the time.  Worse yet, my work felt meaningless and it wasn’t serving any positive purpose at all in the world.

I knew I needed outside help to reinvent my career, so I reached out to get it, through working with a therapist, career counselor and mentor, taking costly career assessments, and more.  But nothing moved me forward to make the changes I needed to. Nothing!  I was stuck – hard.  

I then began to experience all twelve of the “hidden” crises I write and speak about, including sexual harassment, gender discrimination, financial struggle, chronic illness, feeling like I was wasting my real talents, missing my children’s lives, and longing to do something of greater meaning to me and to the world.

Finally, after a painful layoff in the days following the attacks of 9/11, I snapped! I made a decision then to reclaim my life. I decided to stand up for myself, speak up, and stop getting pushed around.  And I declared that my goal moving forward was to help people, and not hurt and be hurt. I earned a Masters degree in marriage and family therapy, trained as a coach, and began speaking to women about thriving through life change.  I was astounded at what I found – that the vast majority of working women I spoke with were as miserable and “broken down” as I had been. I decided I needed to understand why, and to be part of the solution.

So I conducted a yearlong national research study on women overcoming professional crisis, which culminated in my book Breakdown, Breakthrough about the 12 “hidden” crises working women face today and how to overcome them. I discovered that 9 out of 10 women were experiencing at least one of the 12 “hidden” challenges, and on average, women were having at least 3 crises at the same time! I then launched my career and executive coaching and leadership training firm Ellia Communications to help women overcome these challenges and live and work as they want to. I’ve learned a great deal in the past nine years — about corporate America, work-life challenge, gender roles, the female brain, midlife transitions, organizational development, breakthrough, and the brilliance and courage of women today.

I now love my work, and am supremely fulfilled by it. Of course, it’s not without its challenges and bumps, but I’m passionately committed every day to helping other women break through to amazing success in their work, businesses and in their lives.

I’ve also learned this – the career and business coaching landscape is fraught with misguided beliefs and bad advice…

I’ve seen hundreds of career and business coaching books and articles about career development, but very little about how to dig deep to understand what you really want to do as a contributive professional and how to marry that vision up with your goals for earning great money, and other key definitions that represent quality of life for you.  Most of what I found was packed with superficial, ineffective steps, tips and blather about “build it and they will come” rather than giving concrete solutions and strategies for revising what isn’t working, and growing your career successfully.

That’s when I began to realize…

  • Either very few people knew how to get to the heart of transforming careers successfully, or

  • The people who actually know how to do it are only sharing tiny snippets in blogs and books, because they want you to pay them big fees to help.

I decided that I needed to be part of the solution, and help women reclaim passion, power and purpose in their life and work – with authenticity and clarity to guide themselves forward over the long arc of their careers.

Over a period of eight years I researched and studied everything I could get my hands on about women’s careers, professional and personal development, prosperity, and transformation, and figured out how to:

Create a fulfilling and sustaining coaching business that helps thousands of women each year.
  Research and author a successful book, Breakdown Breakthrough, that presents my own proprietary model for career change.
  Serve as a top media source on women’s career issues and trends, and appear in over 100 national publications and on TV and radio.
  Build a substantial digital presence as a blogger and a social media contributor on women’s career issues, writing for HuffPost and ForbesWoman, and AARP’s Work Reimagined.
  Turn that presence into an engine that helps women grows and transform their careers.
Speak and train women at Fortune 500 organizations, national women’s conferences and events, educational and leadership conferences to help women advance and thrive in business and build rewarding careers of significance. 
Guide and support women each and every day to:

  • Clarify what they’d love to do
  • Land an exciting new job that aligns with who they really are
  • Design a new career that reflects their interests and values
  • Improve their present jobs/careers
  • Help them determine if they should start or buy a new business
  • Transition successfully from one job/role/company to another
  • Create more success with their current business
  • Decide which options to pursue of all those they’re considering
  • Get a great raise/promotion
  • Increase their visibility as bloggers, writers, speakers and experts
  • Expand their reach, customers, clients, and partners with powerful marketing and community-building strategies

The Amazing Career Project is Born


The Amazing Career Project is a unique career transformation program designed expressly for professional women 30 to 55 who are committed to doing what it takes to build exciting, rewarding and highly successful careers of significance, on their terms.  

The Amazing Career Project offers powerful training videos, homework assignments, premier resources, monthly group and private Q&A calls, a mastermind component and live events across the country all aimed to help you move from feeling stuck, unfulfilled or wanting much more in your career and professional life, to amazing, “knock-your-socks-off” career success, fulfillment and reward.

About the Program

  • Based on 8 years of research, coaching and training work with over 10,000 women across the country who are committed to creating amazing success in their professional lives, the program guides you through five straight-forward steps to take to make the career and professional changes you desire.  The program’s strategies have been tested and proven effective for women in corporate arena at all levels — from managers, directors, C-level professionals – as well as entrepreneurs, consultants, private practitioners, performers, creatives, authors, writers, experts – professionals in any industry or business arena.  The career transformation processes and approaches shared here work for women in any field or profession because they lead you through the work required internally to make the changes you want most externally, and these steps are the same regardless of the field you’re in.
  • It draws on wisdom, teaching, and insights I’ve gained from my work as a writer and researcher on career development topics, issues and trends, and interviewing top business leaders, successful entrepreneurs, and business owners such as Sara Blakely, Tory Johnson, Sally Hershberger, Brendon Burchard, Mary Lou Quinlan, and more.
  • It brings together the most effective approaches from not just the coaching field, but from a wide array of disciplines and fields including: marriage and family therapy, communications and systems theory, energy healing principles, spiritual development,  diversity and inclusion, psychology, organization development, leadership, peak performance, sales, marketing, and much more.
  • It aggregates all you need to know and helps you connect the dots in your life to lift you and your career to an amazing level that you dream for.
  • It will help you move forward immediately, after watching the first video and doing the first homework assignment.

What’s Behind The Amazing Career Project…


I’ve learned that to train and teach others to be successful, you need a Teachable Point Of View – a clearly articulated roadmap that demonstrates what you know and how you know it.  Here’s mine:

  • First, there is a deeply-held cultural myth here in the U.S. that we can’t love what we do and feel fulfilled and happy in our work, AND make great money at the same time.  Millions of people believe this.  But it’s a lie, and a damaging one.
  • This is not a dress rehearsal – this is your life, and you are here on this planet at this time to make the most of your life.
  • If you dislike your job, you dislike your life. Most of us spend more time working than doing anything else, even time with our families and friends. So, if you hate what you’re doing at work, you can’t feel joyful or successful outside of it.
  • You didn’t come here to this planet and this time simply to pay the mortgage.  We all have obligations to fulfill, but you are more than a checkbook.
  • What is needed to create amazing career success is five key ingredients: clarity, confidence, courage, vision and the commitment to have the life you deserve and long for
  • Vision is key but not just any vision – it has to be “just right” – fitting your authentic values, needs, styles and preferences.  As Sir Winston Churchill shared, “looking too far ahead is a mistake – the chain of destiny can only be grasped one linke at a time.”
  • Each of us has “power gaps” in one area or another. We don’t move forward despite all our efforts if we’re disempowered in the area of self, others, the world, and the higher self.  The key is to identify these power gaps, address and resolve them, once and for all.  When you do, you’ll be well on your way.
  • “Amazing” isn’t my definition – it’s yours.  You define what makes an amazing career.  You can have an abundantly successful career only when you know yourself intimately, respect yourself by bringing forward your unique talents, values and needs, and honor them and others by applying yourself in service of the world in ways that bring you joy and fulfillment

What The Amazing Career Project Will Do For You…


Here’s what the program has been designed specifically to do:

Help you define an “Amazing Career” and  provide a support structure that will help you get on the path to creating a career that meets your authentic needs, values, preferences and interests. 
Create a powerful, supportive community that will help you achieve your goals.
Give you a laser focus on who you are and what you want – because what we focus on will expand and increase.
Guide you through the five core career transformation steps – complete with concrete, specific solutions, strategies, approaches and tips to reshaping your career so it’s worthy of who you really are and reflective of your highest and best visions and dreams. 
Help you evaluate the options available to you, and differentiate between “sounds cool!” ideas, versus realistic alternatives and directions that will bring you the fulfillment and reward that fit your values, priorities, and needs.
Offer you a 5-Step Model for Change that you can apply now, and anytime in your life that you want to bring about significant change.  


The core steps of the Life Change Model are:

Gain an empowered, informed perspective and 10,000 foot birds-eye view of your life and your career to reveal exactly what is working and what isn’t, what must change, and why.
Uncover and release the key challenges and blocks (and “power gaps”) in the way of your achieving the career and professional life you dream of.
Discover specifically what you want in your work, along with the talents and skills you want to use and who you want to serve. You will begin to Say Yes! to these, and learn to access greater confidence, power, and authority to achieve your goals.
Learn how to avoid the mistake of “jumping” into areas that aren’t a right fit. Instead you will “try on” – emotionally, behaviorally, energetically, and spiritually — new avenues so that you can differentiate between career options that are just “sound-cool!” ideas vs. real-life directions that will fit with the rest of your life.
You’ll develop a S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely) plan and doable timeline to research, refine, and achieve your desired career growth, and learn what to do to make it a reality, with ongoing, empowering support and community.



What The Amazing Career Project WON’T Do For You…


This is not an overnight fix. Amazing careers don’t just fall in your lap.  This is a journey that asks you to go inward and do the deep, exploratory inner work required to bring about the external changes you long for.  Many members move forward very FAST, and this process will bring you more fulfillment, excitement, meaning, purpose and success than you dreamed of, but you must commit to doing what it takes, including getting in the cage with your fears and obstacles.
I’m not going to do it for you.  I offer effective structure, support, guidance and proven models and steps for change, but you’re the one who is the expert in your life, and the one who will do the work of change to make your life what you long it to be.
I’m not going to be your best friend.  I’ll be your coach.  Friends and family can be amazingly helpful supporters, but most often, they don’t tell it “like it is” but shield you from the truth so as not to hurt your feelings.  I won’t do that.  I’m your coach – I here to support, challenge, inspire, educate, guide and motivate, and most of all, to tell the truth about the obstacles many of us face in life and our careers, and how you can make the most of your professional life. 
You can’t do all this alone.  Many of you will want additional support as you go through this program.  I recommend you find a coaching buddy – either from this program or in your current life – to help you along this Amazing Career Journey.  In the Mastermind level of this program, a select group will be meeting regularly together and have private one-on-one coaching time with me as well as a supportive online community.  If you want additional one-on-one support, please make sure you sign up for the Mastermind level of the program or ask for private coaching with me.
You need to believe in, and invest in, yourself.  In the end, you’ll see amazing, fulfilling results in your career and life when you believe you are worthy of “amazing” and when you invest the energy, time, and commitment to make real inner change first.  Then you’ll experience outer change that will last and keep you on a fulfilling path for your lifetime.


Why Do This Program?


If you want the following outcomes in your professional life, you’ll be thankful you participated:

Reaching your highest potential

The world truly needs you, and your special talents and gifts.  Certainly, we need to fulfill our obligations, but that’s not why we’re here.  We’re here to fully express who we are, refine and expand our talents and gifts, and experience true joy in being of service and being rewarding amply for our gifts, talents, and service and make great money doing it.

Feeling aligned with life and full of possibilities

So many people today feel demoralized by life’s challenges.  They aren’t in the flow, or feeling aligned with what life is delivering to them.  It’s time for you to change that. You can learn to shift your mind, your energy and your focus so that instead of feeling defeated and deflated, you feel excited by what’s in front of you, understanding that it’s all there as a way for you to expand to the next level – to the level of amazing.

More Passion, Power, and Purpose

The career professionals I’ve met who are most successful, joyful and fulfilled have access to three qualities – passion, power, and purpose.  Passion in that they are electrified by the work they do, feeling that it draws on everything they are uniquely gifted at and love to do.  Power in that they know what they’re capable of (great things), and are engaged in life in a way that makes them feel they are in command and control of what they can be – they are the authors of their own lives.  And finally, purpose – They feel they are on this planet for reason and experience great joy in knowing that they are helping the world in the unique way they are meant to.

Understand how to make real change in life

You’ll learn the keys to making significant change in your life and work – steps that you can apply throughout your life and work that will help you create more satisfying results in your relationships, heath, wellbeing, financial situation, career, and more.

You’ll see everything in your life in a new way

 Instead of seeing obstacles in the way of your happiness, you’ll embrace what’s happening to you as an opportunity to help you grow to the next level.

You’ll avoid costly mistakes and save precious time

I’ve made some huge missteps in my 30-year professional journey, and learned the hard way how to craft a successful and rewarding career.  I’ve also watched thousands of others struggle through their mistakes too.  I’d love you to learn from these challenges, or better yet, bypass them altogether.

Finally, you’ll build the life and career you know you were meant for,

Instead of feeling you are losing out and aren’t living up to your potential – which feels like a bitter failure to most of us – you’ll know you’re doing what you’re meant to and loving it. 

What We’ll Cover


We’ll dive into the 16 core topics broken down into the five core career transformation stages that are essential for you to understand and work through, in order to build a career that’s amazing and exciting on your terms.


We’ll explore:



What Is An Amazing Career? 

13 Common Traits of Amazingly Successful Women

Amazing Success on Your Terms 

Identifying Your Happiest Life

The Five Core Steps to Career Transformation

The Lessons Your Life Is Trying To Teach You 

Assessing and Closing Your Power Gaps 

Embracing Expansion – How To Get Ready For More?

Overcoming Your Blocks and Resistance

Strengthening Your Power – 5 Keys to Powering Up

Fit Is It: Evaluating the Best Next Direction Takes Knowing What Matters Most And Fits Best

Be Your Own Best Marketer – Developing Your Personal Brand 

Building Your Support Structure and Community 

 “Trying It On”

Making It Happen – Effective Planning and Producing 

The 9 Skills You Need To Support You in Your Amazing Career


Celebrating the Wins and Continuing the Growth 

How the Amazing Career Project Works

The format of the Amazing Career Project allows you to:
Participate from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection – which you have since you’re on this webpage!
Start anytime you like – you can dive in immediately after sign up, and move forward FAST if you want.
Go at your own pace (see the suggested schedule and format below, though you’re welcome to go at your own pace)
Save a great deal off of what it would have cost to receive private coaching from me, or attend exclusive live trainings 
Receive monthly live, direct-access to me to guide you through the 5 proven steps for career transformation










Where you learn how to uncover more about who you are and what you want, and put that knowledge to work to build a highly rewarding career of significance.

This is where your power, control and freedom take off, where you embark on the journey of building your amazing career.

It’s the perfect training for:

  • Professional women 30 to 55 who are wanting a deeper exploration of themselves and their lives to understand more keenly who they are uniquely in the professional world, determine what they stand for and how they stand apart, and learn the core steps to take to reclaim their passion, power and purpose, and build a powerful support community to help them.

This online training is all about taking your existing career to the next level with strategies for understanding your values, intentions and visions, identifying and resolving obstacles in your way, determining the best new directions, and trying on these directions for fit and refinement.

Suggested Schedule & Format – The suggested schedule for this training is 12 weeks, but you’ll have access to the video content library, homework forms, and transcripts for a full 6-months.


6 Months of Live Group Q&A Calls – You will have six monthly LIVE group Q&A calls with me to help you address any specific issues or challenges you may face as you work through the program.


Here’s What Other Amazingly Successful Professional Women and Previous Coaching Clients are Saying…

 “Kathy, you have a gift for showing people to themselves.  Thank you for sharing your mirror with me.”
– Whitney JohnsonStart-up investor, Co-Founder of Rose Park Advisors, and Author of Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream
“Kathy truly led me to Breakthrough! As a result of the time spent with her, I have progressively made great strides in my career in such a short period. She nudged me past my doubts and panic, helping me to seeing that I was more than I thought I was. Not only will her delightful demeanor inspire you, but her objective and creative approach will move your life and career forward. Thank you, Kathy, for helping me to see all my possibilities. Your gift to me and many other women is your insight and love for others. I am really honored, blessed, and humbled by your spirit, strength, and character.”
– Irene Henderson – Senior Director, Sales Learning and Development, Yahoo!
 “I came to Kathy early in 2011 looking for marketing ideas to elevate my stalled business idea and what I got instead was so much more. Finally discovering a niche that’s aligned with my purpose has opened a floodgate of ideas, from revamping my website, designing a logo, writing articles to planning workshops and retreats. I finally have the roadmap to my future and the confidence to execute! Kathy is brilliant, empathetic and honest. A winning combination!”
Beth Kloesener, MS, CMCC–Motivational Career Coach; Founder, Girls2Women Coaching; former Controller and Purchasing Director
“Kathy is not afraid to get “in the trenches” with those whom she advises, and consequently her coaching, articles, and commentary frequently tackle the tough issues. She is a coach and consultant who moves beyond conversation into action – providing the results her clients deserve.”
Carolyn Kepcher, Founder, Carolyn & Co. Media LLC
“Hello!!!!! You have got to work with Kathy! She is amazing. Super bright, with tons of ideas, and can take your business to the next level. She has tons of energy, and is fun to work with. And . . . did I mention she gets results?”
Justin Krane, CFP®, President, Krane Financial Solutions
If you’re lucky, you’d have been blessed with a life changing mentor as I found in Kathy Caprino. She is a gifted mentor that has been my professional life’s soul coach and motivator these past few months. Her coaching tools, exercises and sessions were eye-opening, realistic, fun and instrumental in the new choices I have made for my life. I believe Kathy as a gifted therapist and life coach. She works with the highest integrity in delivering relevant, honest, practical and provocative ideas to assist in the changes one seeks when they least expect it. I only wish our sessions lasted longer!”
Lisa Beyersdoerfer, PHR–Affirmative Action Educator/Consultant; Founder WDM Consulting
 “Kathy brings a wealth of business and personal experience to provide the perfect combination of coaching skills. With Kathy’s help I was able to cut through the layers to determine the treasure of my individual desires. The process with Kathy is supportive, empowering and nurturing, yet she brings a practical, down-to-earth approach with savvy insights and solid resources for bringing vision to fruition. I am eternally grateful to Kathy for all we have achieved together and consider her an integral part of my new endeavors.”
Lisa Jacoby, Co-Author and Founder, What I Know to Be True; Former Senior Retail Executive
 “Kathy has helped me tremendously in determining how to move forward with great passion in my work and my career. I cannot recommend her intensive executive coaching highly enough. She truly understands the challenges inherent in 24/7 Web competitive market and finding balance. Kathy is also adept at identifying a real and actionable path for taking crisis and turning it to breakthrough. Her wit, humor and immense depth of knowledge of career/work/life balance is immensely valuable.”
Nettie Reynolds – Social Marketing and Digital PR Consultant; Founder, Nettie Ink
“Kathy Caprino is a rare find. Her empathic approach to women and her ability to get to the root of a problem with viable, practical solutions, make her someone you can trust to provide solid, insightful advice. She engages everyone instantly with her warm personality and keeps them there the entire time. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
– Suzie Galler, Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist; Founder, Muse Entertainment; Former Founder, Esteemed Woman Foundation
“Kathy is simply brilliant as a Work -Life Coach! At a critical time in my Career, when I needed a 10,000 ft view, Kathy was brilliant! She helped me navigate the transition out of a 13 year career at a Corporation into my own business…It was successful and 100% on target! She is one of best!!”
– Deb Singer, Retail Sustainability Consultant; Founder of Singer Sustainability
“Kathy is insightful and sensitive. As a coach, she understands how to support you and get you thinking. She has a very relatable background coming from industry and then pursuing social work. She has a way of teaching you to understand complex personal issues that may be getting in the way of your advancement. I highly recommend her for personal coaching and for group work.”
– Cindy Armijo, Executive Director, Boys Town
“Kathy is exceptional at assessing individual needs. Always supportive, she provides just the right guidance and encouragement to overcome obstacles and/or challenges. The result is a tailored road map that is realistic and applicable.”
Laurie Cameron, Former Vice President Marketing, Fortune; Founder, Lambdoodle


I know, this all sounds exciting (dare I say “amazing!”) but please know…

This program is not for you…

If you’re looking for a shortcut to a fabulous career.  I’m not offering that and you shouldn’t be buying that…from ANYONE! Amazing careers don’t just happen.  It takes a good dose of commitment, courage, perseverance and the readiness to take your career and life to the level of great success.
If you’re addicted to self-help or professional development programs and love to keep spending your hard-earned money on training but don’t tend to act on what you learn. Please sign up for this program only when you’re ready and committed to take action, step up to your greatest career, and make real money doing what you love.
If money is so tight that the price of this will set you back for months or make it hard to fulfill your financial obligations.  The process takes time, there is no such thing as an instant return. I am setting aside two scholarship spots for women in need. If you’re interested in one, keep an eye on the for notice of how to let me know you’d like to be considered and why.
If you’re depressed, lethargic, or feel unable to move forward at all or that you’re functioning may be impaired right now, it’s best to seek therapeutic help to get you to a healthier, more energized place before embarking on a career coaching program.
If you only want help in job search, interviewing and resume writing, and finding another job like the one you have, then this isn’t the program for you.  There are some great programs out there on Job Search, Resume Writing, Interviewing, Linkedin and social networks to help you land a job…but this program isn’t about just getting a job.  It’s about honoring your longing to do or be something more in your career than you already are.



The Amazing Career Project IS for You If…

You’re talented, bright, accomplished, but you feel, deep inside that you’re not reaching your potential
You feel like you were made for different things than you’re doing
You know you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing, but you’re not sure what your real mission and purpose are
You’ve had a modicum of success, but long for so much more
You have the confidence to admit that “amazing” is an adjective you’re worthy of
You’re sick and tired of being stuck and you’re ready and committed to get what you want and do the inner work required to have an amazing career
You want new movement and growth in at least one of four areas:
  • To STAY in your current job/role, but want more success, recognition and reward in your current situation 
  • To land a great NEW job (to leave your current employer for a job elsewhere)
  • A build a NEW career (a new function, role and/or industry)
  • To determine if you should LAUNCH a new business (evaluating if you want to launch a business and understand what it takes)


And you want to do one or more of the following:

Clarify what you’d love to do in the next chapter of life and work
Land an exciting new job
Design a new career that meets your interests and needs
Improve your present job/career
Determine if you should start or buy a new business
Transition from one job/role/company to another
Improve/create more success with your current business
Decide which option to pursue of those that you’re considering
Get a raise/promotion and more exciting responsibility
Evaluate special career options that relate to a particular interest or talent
Focus on your “Life Purpose” and have a broader context for evaluating your career


100% Money Back Guarantee

My goal in all my work is to deliver powerful, transformational concepts, strategies, tips, solutions and approaches all worth 10 times the value of the program.  My goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver to you one of the best training experiences you’ve ever had.  That’s worth a great deal to me.  And hopefully, you’ll find this so valuable, you’ll share it with your friends and colleagues (don’t forget to check out my Affiliate Program that allows you to make money when you help spread the word about the program!).

Still, I don’t want you risking even a single dollar on this program…

So, here’s what I’ve done– register today, then explore one of the three course options. You’ll get instant access to the training content. If for any reason you don’t feel like you got way more than your money’s worth, simply contact me using the contact form at and request a refund within 30 days and we’ll credit you back 100% of your training fee, no questions asked.

Of course, you’ll also lose access to the video training library and monthly live Q&A calls, but you knew that already.

How’s that sound? Are you ready to embark on your Amazing Career Journey?


Still Need Convincing?

If you’re still not sure, I’d love to provide you with a FREE glimpse into the program so can really see how AMAZING the Amazing Career Project is. To take advantage of this FREE sample, simply sign up in the form below and I’ll immediately send you our downloadable homework PDF for Video 5: Learn the Lessons Your Life is Trying to Teach You.






Here’s What To Do…

Step 1 – Click on the appropriate button below and complete your purchase

Step 2 – Complete the registration form

Step 3 – Within minutes, your registration will be confirmed and you will be emailed easy instructions to log into the private training community where you’ll get immediate access to the first-part of the content for your chosen training, along with an overview and suggested training schedule (this keeps you on track, while also keeping you from feeling overwhelmed). After the 30-day refund window, the next level of remaining content will be opened to you to access.

Step 4 – You will receive the calendar for monthly live Q&A calls that are specific to your level of training. Every month, you will be able to participate in a live Q&A call where you can submit or, depending how many people are on the line on any given week, ask live questions about your specific journey, ideas, strategies and more. Even though the recommended schedules for the training modules range between 4 weeks and 12 weeks, you will get a full six months of Q&A call access to me.

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If you’re ready for much more in your career, and committed to doing what it takes to get it, I’ll see you in the program!



Founder, The Amazing Career Project


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