Special Ongoing Support Exclusively For All Amazing Career Project Graduates


Picture1Designed exclusively for graduates of Kathy Caprino’s Amazing Career Project online course and video training and former private clients, we’ve developed a powerful ongoing monthly support program just for you, to give you:

  • Clarity – You’ll continue to refine your visions and dreams, and get super clear on what you’re doing and why. As you hear other members’ plans, visions and challenges, you’ll form new alliances and strengthen previous ones, and build beautiful support relationships that help bolster and enhance your plans.
  • Accountability – You have a hundred things to do and it’s easy to let a few of them slide till next week. Or the week after. This specially-designed Support program will keep you on track: if you say you’ll do something for next month, you’ll have accountability support to get it done!
  • Support – Your own team of personal ambassadors, cheerleaders, people who utterly understand your professional journey and what you’re doing. Over the weeks, the group continues to be involved and invested in each member’s goals and makes sure that no-one succumbs to the “bright shiny object” syndrome. You’ll have a place to celebrate the little triumphs and overcome the harder times. ACP support members quickly will be your biggest fans.
  • Structure – Seeing how other successful women are dealing with the same issues in their work-life and professional endeavors gives you powerful information and new systems and strategies to build your own success. Meeting monthly means there’s time to implement and hit your goals.

Join this special ongoing group support of ACP course graduates and former private clients to help you continue to “dig deep, discover your right work, and illuminate the world with it!”

What will you get?

This ACP graduate group will keep you on track with top-notch coaching from Kathy and wonderful support from past members. Sometimes we all need a gentle push or advice for the challenges and experiences we’re facing. And you’ll get it! Plus you’ll have happy and willing sounding boards and testers for your ideas, next moves, your personal branding material, resume ideas, LinkedIn profile, interviewing roleplaying, copywriting, website ideas, and big cheers for your first videos. You’ll also gain support for signing that next big client or landing that next juicy role.

Bonus: PLUS you’ll be entitled to one, FREE 60-minute private coaching consultation with Kathy for every 12 months you’re an active member in the program (good for 12 months from your date of registration)! In this consultation, Kathy will help you address any key challenges or questions you’re facing, to move you forward fast.

Hidden bonus! You’ll make lifelong friends and advocates. It happens every single group and course Kathy’s has ever run or been involved in.

What’s the schedule and frequency of meetings?

We’ll be meeting once per month on Kathy’s Zoom online platform, totaling twelve, 60-minute calls each year.  Each call is one hour, allowing for sharing and questions.  The group will meet each month on a selected Wednesday from Noon to 1pm EST (see schedule below) and all calls will be recorded.

OK, I’m in! What’s the price? 

The fee is $977 for the year (payment plan is available) covering 12 monthly calls and a closed online group for support, coaching, masterminding and more, including:

  • One, 60-minute online call each month with the group
  • A powerful online support Facebook group just for Amazing Career Project course and video training graduates and former private coaching clients of Kathy’s
  • Monthly Amazing Career CYPG (Close Your Power Gaps) Resource – monthly e-newsletter offering powerful curated resources, suggested reading, articles, podcasts, assessments/quizzes, and more for ACP graduates, covering new information on 12 core topics for women’s career advancement (including: getting promoted, asking for a raise, finding a mentor and sponsor, leading more powerfully, blogging and writing, starting your own success group, expanding your thought leadership, public speaking training and much more)



  1. FREE 60-minute call with Kathy! ($750 value) For all registrants who are actively enrolled for 12 months, Kathy will offer you one, FREE 60-minute private phone consultation call each year, good for up to twelve months from your registration in the post-ACP support program. This call will focus on you and your current needs, challenges and goals, and Kathy will give tailored advice and coaching support to address any specific challenges or issues you may have.
  2. 30% discount on selected Kathy’s private coaching programs and events  – Typically, ACP course members are entitled to a 20% discount of Kathy’s private 1:1 programs. But as an added bonus for your continued commitment to your growth, you’ll receive 30% discount off selected private coaching programs and other events for as long as you’re a member of this Post-ACP Support program.



Program starts Wednesday, August 14th at Noon EST. All online calls are one-hour in length.

Remaining 2019 dates:

August 14
September 11
October 9
November 13
December 11



Ready to get the ongoing hands-on support you need to continue on your Amazing Career path? I’ll see you there!


Upfront payment – $997 for 12-month membership (including 12 weekly calls and special membership online group) (Upfront payment saves 10%)




Payment Plan – $365 a month for 3 months



For further information on this special member-only program, contact becca@kathycaprino.com.