Welcome to Week 3, !

I hope you found last week helpful in understanding the key traits and behaviors that pave the way for amazing success.  I hope too that you were able to begin connecting with some inspiring role models, mentors and supports in your community to help you move forward.

This week, we’ll be honing in on your visions for the next chapter of life and work, exploring important issues such as:

  1. The difference between a “job” and a “calling,” and determining which you want most
  2. Understanding your personality, values, talents, standards of integrity, and the legacy you want to leave behind
  3. Bringing your whole self to your work rather than suppressing important parts of you
  4. Special ways you wish to be of service in the world

This will help you connect more deeply with what you’re capable of, as well as understand how much the world needs your exact set of talents, skills, perspective, and abilities.

This Week’s Key Takeaway:

You are unique, special and amazing – don’t doubt it for a second. You deserve to live and work as you truly want to.

Video 3: Amazing Success on Your Terms

Week 3 Downloads:

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Week 3 Office Hour Call Details:

Wednesday, November 4th, 12:00 pm Eastern

Dial-in instructions:

Phone Number: (425) 440-5100
Pin Code: 399599#

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