Hi Friends!

Have you ever had the experience in your career or business where you thought you were taking the “right” steps, doing what made sense and what others expected of you — and what you expected of yourself — only to wake up one morning to the realization that it was all wrong?  I lived the pain of that after an 18-year corporate career, with two little kids and a mortgage to pay. I faced the scary and daunting challenge (and maybe you have too?) of sorting through all the options to try to put the pieces together in a way that would make me happy and meet my needs.

It’s really hard to do this alone. But when you figure it out, boy does breakthrough feel amazing, right!

That’s why I’m really happy to share with you the launch of my new Amazing Career Project Group Coaching Program, designed to help women break through to the next level of happiness, success, and reward in their lives and work.  I’m hoping too that you’ll be interested in supporting your community of fabulous women (and making some great money) by sharing the work about this effective and results-driven career growth program.

This program reflects everything I’ve learned from my 10 years of teaching, coaching and consulting over 10,000 women across the globe about crafting a career that brings more happiness and engagement at home, more success at work and more impact in the world.  We’ve had fabulous feedback already from the pilot program, and the strategies have been proven highly effective for women 30-55 in all industries and functions, in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. They really work!  And the program is chock-full of practical solutions, strategies and tips that I use every day in my private coaching work that my clients pay thousands of dollars for.

If you’re interested in spreading the world, here are some details:

How much will you earn?

A lot, I hope! I’m very happy to reward you with a $398 commission for every sale you refer – that’s 40% on the $995 program fee.

How to sign up?

To sign up and become an affiliate, simply CLICK HERE and fill out the application form. We use PayPal exclusively as our payout vendor, so please have your PayPal account email address handy, or signup for a quick, easy and free PayPal account here before filling out your application.

You’ll receive an email after signup with additional instructions and sample emails, tweets and FB messages you can use to promote the program.

Thank you so much for supporting women’s career breakthrough, and for spreading the word about the Amazing Career Project Group Coaching program.

I truly appreciate your support and help!

All best wishes for amazing success to you,


Kathy Caprino

Founder, The Amazing Career Project