I’m thrilled you’re here!  I’m looking forward to 16 fabulous weeks with you, helping you on your way to creating more happiness, success and reward in your life and work!

A few things I’d like to share with you as we get ready to start our program together on April 25, 2016:

To Do In The Meantime…

As a way to get your juices flowing about what you want to leave behind – and to create anew — in your professional life, please take this time to complete my special Career Path Self-Assessment and New Member Packet

To make full use of our time before the start of the program and to hit the ground running, I invite you to complete my Career Path Self-Assessment  – a specially-designed, in-depth survey that will help you gain clarity on where you’ve been in your career, and where you’d like to take it.  You’ll learn about your values, passions, and visions, your current blocks, and the legacy you want to leave behind.  Your responses to this survey will help you identify concretely what you need to work on first to get you moving fast to your most amazing career. (This document is for your reference only).

Also, please fill out my NEW MEMBER PACKET too and return it via email to me at kathy@kathycaprino.com at the start of the program. This document shares some key information about the program and asks important questions that will help you hit the ground running and make the most of the program and our 16 weeks together. It’s very important that you save the new member packet before completing it. Otherwise, you will lose your work. You can save it to your desktop, open it, click sign in the upper right corner, and then fill it out before sending.

Program Schedule

Below is the schedule for our weekly videos and calls.  Each week, you’ll receive an email with the info you need for the next week’s video content, and provides you with the call-in details for the next group call. Please mark your calendars and make sure you join each call – We’ll be taking the video training content to the next level during each call, and I’ll be happy to address your burning questions and challenges right there on the call!


Videos Emailed Office Hours Call
Week #1: Monday, April 25    Thursday, April 28, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #2: Friday, April 29 Thursday, May 5, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #3: Friday, May 6 Thursday, May 12, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #4: Friday, May 13 Thursday, May 19, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #5: Friday, May 20 Wednesday, May 25, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #6: Friday, May 27 Thursday, June 2, Noon to 1pm SET
Week #7: Friday, June 3 Thursday, June 9, Noon to 1pm ES
Week #8: Friday, June 10 Thursday, June 16, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #9: Friday, June 17 Thursday, June 23, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #10: Friday, June 24 Wednesday, June 29, Noon to 1pm EST 
Week #11: Friday, July 1 Thursday, July 7, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #12: Friday, July 8 Thursday, July 14, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #13: Friday, July 15 Thursday, July 21, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #14: Friday, July 22 Thursday, July 28, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #15: Friday, July 29 Thursday, August 4, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #16: Friday, August 5 Thursday, August 11, Noon to 1pm EST


Our Private Facebook Group

Join our special Facebook Group just for Amazing Career Project Members! Use it to the fullest – post your questions, accomplishments, happy news, photos, whatever you’d like!  This is a very powerful and supportive group ready to help you on your way to more happiness, success and reward.  To access the group, CLICK HERE and request permission to be added. There is SO much support out there waiting for you!

Tech Issues? Questions?

If at any point you have trouble logging in or accessing content, please email Gina at jody@kathycaprino.com for assistance.  For other questions, feel free to write me at Kathy@KathyCaprino.com

I’m so looking forward to our journey together. I’ll see you on our first call together on April 28th!

Here’s to your amazing success and many happy breakthroughs!




Kathy Caprino
Founder/President – Ellia Communications and The Amazing Career Project