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I’m thrilled you’re here!  I’m looking forward to 16 fabulous weeks with you, helping you on your way to creating more happiness, success and reward in your life and work! See the Weekly Content section below for a link to this week’s content and downloads.

If you haven’t yet filled out the NEW MEMBER PACKET and CAREER PATH ASSESSMENT, please do so as soon as soon as you can. These will really help you gain an understanding of where you are as we head into our next 16 weeks together. I am also including a collection of my RECOMMENDED CAREER, COACHING AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES that you can refer to throughout this program and beyond. A list of Recommended Coaching and Personal Development Resources is also available on Kathy’s website HERE.

Weekly Content

Below, you’ll find links to each week’s content page containing the video, downloads, and call dial-in information. Content will be open to you on a week-to-week basis. In other words, you won’t be able to access the content for Week 10 until we reach Week 10.

Week 1: What Is An Amazing Career?

Week 2: Amazingly Successful Women

Week 3: Amazing Career Success On Your Terms

Week 4: Your Happiest Life

Week 5: The Lessons Your Life Is Trying To Teach You

Week 6: Assessing and Closing Your Power Gaps

Week 7:  Embracing Expansion: Are You Ready For More?

Week 8: Overcoming Your Blocks

Week 9: Strengthening Your Power

Week 10: Fit Is It

Week 11: Be Your Own Best Marketer

Week 12: Building Your Supportive Community

Week 13: Trying It On

Week 14: Make It Happen

Week 15: 9 Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Amazing Career

Week 16: Celebrating Your Wins


Program Schedule

Below is the schedule for our weekly videos and office hour calls.  Specific dial-in instructions for each week’s call are located on the respective weekly pages linked above. Please mark your calendars and make sure you join each call – these calls are your chance to have me address your burning questions and challenges live each week!

Videos Emailed Office Hours Call
Week #1: Monday, September 26    Thursday, September 29, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #2: Friday, September 30 Thursday, October 6, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #3: Friday, October 7 Thursday, October 13, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #4: Friday, October 14 Thursday, October 20, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #5: Friday, October 21 Tuesday, October 25, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #6: Friday, October 28 Thursday, November 3, Noon to 1pm SET
Week #7: Friday, November 4 Thursday, November 10, Noon to 1pm ES
Week #8: Friday, November 11 Thursday, November 17, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #9: Friday, November 18 Wednesday, November 23, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #10: Friday, November 25 Thursday, December 1, Noon to 1pm EST 
Week #11: Friday, December 2 Thursday, December 8, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #12: Friday, December 9 Thursday, December 15, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #13: Friday, December 30 Thursday, January 5, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #14: Friday, January 6 Thursday, January 12, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #15: Friday, January 13 Thursday, January 19, Noon to 1pm EST
Week #16: Friday, January 20 Thursday, January 26, Noon to 1pm EST

















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Here’s to your amazing success and many happy breakthroughs!

Kathy Caprino