Why is my career transformation program a process you can trust?

I’ve been called “America’s Breakthrough Coach” and I’ve not only transformed my own life (from an 18-year unhappy corporate career to supremely fulfilled career coach, author and speaker) but I’ve built a thriving international coaching and consulting practice that’s helped thousands of women around the world find their own career bliss.

I’m considered one of the leading voices today on women’s career transformation, am a Forbes, Huffington post and LinkedIn contributor, and top media expert on women’s career, leadership and entrepreneurial success. I’ve appeared in hundreds of leading national publications and websites, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Times, U.S. News and World Report, CNN, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Glamour, COSMO, SELF, SHAPE Magazine, and many more. In addition, I've developed a proven map and model for change that's helped thousands of others move from unhappy careers to amazing success.

Why does my approach get such great results?

Through my 18 years as a corporate executive, and through my training as a marriage and family therapist and energy healer, and as a career coach, writer and speaker, I’ve developed a special ability to “see,” “hear” and “feel” exactly what’s keeping people stuck, confused, and blocked. Often in just one conversation, I can guide you to release and heal these blocks and move forward quickly to the next level.