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  • The Fast Track to Your Career Bliss

    Women who build rewarding, lucrative careers based on their authentic passions and talents, are happier at home, more successful at work, and more impactful in the world.

    That’s career bliss, and this is your ticket to get it.

    What is career bliss? Let’s start with what it’s not…

    It’s not a job that sucks the life out of you, and leaves you no time, energy, or enthusiasm to enjoy your life and your family, and your outside interests. And it’s not a struggle each and every day that makes you regret the success you’ve achieved.

    It’s not just making money so you can pay your bills, or doing work you dislike intensely because you think you have to. It’s not about dealing with crushing competition that makes you feel like you’re scrapping and fighting every day to survive.

    And, it’s not about comparing yourself with others and striving day after day to keep up with Ms. Jones.

    My Amazing Career Project gives you the breakthrough tools you need to achieve true career bliss.

    What is career bliss then?

    • Using your natural talents in ways that are easy and fun
    • Earning great money and having the lifestyle you dream of, for yourself and your family
    • Being of service to others with your skills and abilities
    • Working hard but enjoying it so much it feels like play
    • Balancing all your other life and family priorities easily and effortlessly
    • Being comfortable in your own skin, and speaking up and standing up for what matters most to you
    • Having the confidence, courage and connections to build a rewarding life
    • Feeling proud of who you are and what you’re doing in the world, every day

    Here’s what other course members have said:

    The Amazing Career Project has been, well “Amazing”. I was looking for a change, but had some reservations, almost embarrassed to admit I was in the ACP at first. Kathy’s program is unique...she has you assess yourself. This self-examination made me realize that while I was rocking it at my current job, a previous layoff and subsequent looking for work without results had been a blow to my confidence. Kathy gave me the tools to identify what I didn’t like and why, which allowed me to modify my behavior and change the situation.

    Nicole C., Spring 2015 ACP Member


    I have been churning for years in the same role/same team/same technology. I was desperately lost in the hamster wheel and while I have pulled myself up by bootstraps many times before, I was not shaking this one off. I was very close to simply abandoning my job with no new plan. This program has reinvigorated my sense of self, and I am so thankful for it.

    Jan H., 2014 ACP Member

    I am so delighted in the breakthrough that I experienced in working with you in The Amazing Career Project. I enrolled in your program looking for help with my career, but the deep work that you inspired me to do each week has resulted in me being a better person! I'm walking away with clarity, incredible insight, and tools that continue to fuel me to develop an amazing career.

    LaToya W., Spring 2015 ACP Member

    In this one-of-a-kind 16 week online course, I guide you through the 16 most critical steps to take, along with proven strategies, solutions and approaches, to break through to your most joyful life, and more success and reward than you thought possible.

    Why is my career transformation program a process you can trust?

    I’ve been called “America’s Breakthrough Coach” and I’ve not only transformed my own life (from an 18-year unhappy corporate career to supremely fulfilled career coach, author and speaker) but I’ve built a thriving international coaching and consulting practice that’s helped thousands of women around the world find their own career bliss.

    I’m considered one of the leading voices today on women’s career transformation, am a Forbes, Huffington post and LinkedIn contributor, and top media expert on women’s career, leadership and entrepreneurial success. I’ve appeared in hundreds of leading national publications and websites, including the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Times, U.S. News and World Report, CNN, Fox News, Chicago Tribune, L.A. Times, Glamour, COSMO, SELF, SHAPE Magazine, and many more. In addition, I've developed a proven map and model for change that's helped thousands of others move from unhappy careers to amazing success.

    Why does my approach get such great results?

    Through my 18 years as a corporate executive, and through my training as a marriage and family therapist and energy healer, and as a career coach, writer and speaker, I’ve developed a special ability to “see,” “hear” and “feel” exactly what’s keeping people stuck, confused, and blocked. Often in just one conversation, I can guide you to release and heal these blocks and move forward quickly to the next level.

    My Amazing Career Project gets real results!

    The career dreams I’ve helped women launch over the past 10 years come in all flavors, shapes and sizes, including:

    • Moving from a crushing corporate HR role to building a thriving consulting business
    • Stepping up with more leadership power, authority and self-confidence to run a successful global division of her company
    • Making three times more money doing the freelance work she absolutely adores
    • Honoring her longings to become a professional writer, and beginning blogging and writing and speaking
    • Radically improving her family’s life by picking up and moving across the country to pursue a healthier, more down-to-earth lifestyle

    Drawing on my five-step, easy-to-follow model that’s helped thousands of women achieve their visions for fulfilling, successful, and lucrative work, I’ll help you articulate your biggest dreams for a happier life and career, and get moving toward creating it in just 16 powerful weeks.

    Creating more happiness, success, and reward–and pursuing what you really care about–requires clarity, confidence, courage, and a surefire plan.  I help you get it.

    This program is offered only twice each year so


    Four Short Months

    The Amazing Career Project helps you realize your potential, and create fulfilling work, bigger rewards, and greater happiness, all in four short months!

    Here are the outcomes you can expect from joining the Amazing Career Project:

    1. Go from “I don’t know what I want” to “I know what I want and how to get it!”
    2. Learn transformative new mindsets and behaviors that will propel you forward and open important doors.
    3. Get laser focused on how to use your special talents and abilities–and how to make great money doing it.
    4. Evaluate all the options available to you, and learn how to make the best choice.
    5. Achieve what you want in the most efficient, direct way possible WITHOUT costly mistakes and wasted time and money.
    6. Gain the confidence, courage and connections to make your career dreams a reality.

    Here’s What’s Included in the Amazing Career Project:

    • Lifetime access to my 16 weekly training videos on the most important topics for career breakthrough
    • 16 Weekly open calls with me to support your momentum and address your questions, blocks, fears and issues. Calls are recorded and added to the content portal for lifetime access.
    • 16 powerful, tailored homework assignments to move you forward
    • My hand-picked collection of premier resources for additional help, support and learning
    • A powerful online support network for all participants to ask questions, share challenges and wins
    • A 20% lifetime discount on my two most popular private coaching programs, for additional, hands-on support

    …all aimed to help you break through from feeling stuck, unfulfilled or wanting more in your career and professional life, to feeling like you’re doing the work you’re meant to, with ease and reward.

    This is the 16-step Amazing Career Project process you’ll follow, with my hands-on help:


    Week 1: Define Amazing On Your Terms
    Week 2: See What Happy, Successful Women Do Differently
    Week 3: Clarify Your Picture of Your Career Bliss
    Week 4: Access More Happiness and Gratitude In Your Life Today


    Week 5: Learn What Your Life Is Trying To Teach You
    Week 6: Speak Up and Stand Up To Create What You Want
    Week 7: Embrace Expansion So You Can Attract Career Bliss Opportunities and Maximize Them Effortlessly



    Week 8: Crush Down Your Fears Into Bite-Sized Chunks
    Week 9: Develop the Confidence and Boundaries to Thrive


    Week 10: Identify the Best Moves to Propel You Forward
    Week 11: Fall In Love With Putting Yourself Out There



    Week 12: Build Amazing Partners, Mentors and Advocates Who Open New Doors
    Week 13: Try On Your Next Move
    Week 14: Plan Your Moves So They Get Powerful Results
    Week 15: 9 Skills To Understand for Career Bliss


    Week 16: Celebrating YOU

    And better yet, there’s absolutely nothing to lose!

    If after completing the calls, training and exercises offered in the first two weeks of the Amazing Career Project you are not fully satisfied, simply send me your completed Career Path Self-Assessment, Welcome Packet and your two weekly completed homework assignments by Thursday, October 29th, and you’ll receive a full refund (minus a $50 processing fee).

    With my expert help and guidance — from a successful businesswoman who understands the needs and challenges of women — you’ll move forward in ways you never imagined possible.


    As a special bonus if you enroll by midnight Eastern, Monday, October 12th, I'll share with you two powerful interviews I've conducted, exclusively for this program, with two nationally-renowned experts who share their insider tips and strategies for moving forward building a powerful personal brand, and accessing more happiness and success!

    These exclusive interviews only for Amazing Career Project registrants will teach you how to:

    Build Your Powerful Personal Brand - With Personal Branding Guru William Arruda
    Personal branding expert William Arruda shares his top tips, strategies and insider insights on how to identify -- and communicate powerfully - what makes you unique, special and how to stand out from your competition, on LinkedIn, your resume and in your writing and communications.

    Protect Yourself From Negative People and Access More Happiness and Success - With Positive Psychology & Communications Expert and Former CBS News Anchor Michelle Gielan
    In her work as a former broadcaster and a consultant with senior management at Fortune 500 companies and organizations on ways to foster more happiness at work, Michelle and her husband positive psychologist Shawn Achor are sought after speakers and trainers on how to access more happiness. Michelle shares her tips and strategies for protecting yourself from negative people, and creating more happiness in your career.

    Ready to Take Action?

    If you want true career bliss, and are ready to DO SOMETHING about it, there’s nothing on the market today that comes close to the Amazing Career Project to help you make your career dreams a reality.

    Even if you don’t know what you want (but you know it’s NOT what you have), this program will help you figure out once and for all what will make you happy, successful and joyful in your livelihood, and get you on the path to creating it.

    After your enrollment, here’s what happens:

    1. After your purchase confirmation, you’ll be taken to a registration page to enter your own unique username and password for the program.

    2. You’ll then receive an email with your login link that you’ll use to access content throughout the program. You can immediately login to see a welcome video from Kathy, the full course schedule for content delivery and weekly office hour phone calls, and a couple of downloads to get you started.

    3. The first week’s content will be released via email to all members on Monday, October 19th, at 8am Eastern, with the first week’s office hours call taking place on Thursday, October 22nd at noon Eastern.

    4. All content thereafter will be released on Friday mornings, with office hour calls for that week’s content taking place the following Thursday at noon, Eastern. All calls will be recorded and available in the content portal for lifetime access.

    So, what are you waiting for?

    ACT NOW! Your career bliss is waiting.
    The enrollment window closes at midnight Eastern, on Thursday, October 15th, and the program won’t be offered again until Spring 2016.